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Once your booking is complete, you will immediately receive an email from us containing all the information required, along with your tickets.
Should you not receive this email, please first check your spam or junk folder and then use the contact us form to get in touch.

Booths are priced at:
3m x 2m (1 artist & 1 guest) £350
5m x 2m (2 artists & 2 guests) £600
7m x 2m (3 artists & 3 guests) £850
9m x 2m (4 artists & 4 guests) £1100
11m x 2m (5 Artists & 5 Guests £1350
13m x 2m (6 Artists & 6 Guests £1600
15m x 2m (7 Artists & 7 Guests £1850
17m x 2m (8 Artists & 8 Guests £2100

Any other size requirements please contact us for a quote.

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